Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle Campground

Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle Campground is a humble campground in the woods 1 1/2 miles outside Ashland, Virginia on Elmont Road. Founded in 1955 by Rev. and Mrs. Wallace H. Heflin, Sr., it is a place where people hungry for God can gather in the summer and at conferences throughout the year to be spiritually blessed. Since those humble beginnings, the Camp has come to be known particularly for its prophetic revelation and miracles. Spiritually hungry people throughout the world come for a few days, a few weeks for spiritual feasting, refreshing and renewal, enabling them to take revival back to their own places, communities and nations with fresh fire and fresh manna to impart to others. Rev. Wallace H. Heflin, Jr. succeeded his father and worked closely with his mother, pastoring and directing the ministry until his death in December 1996. Rev. Ruth Ward Heflin continued the ministry until her homegoing in September 2000. Dr. Jane Lowder is the current director.

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The Heflin Family

Rev. Ruth Ward Heflin

Jan 21, 1940 – Sept 15, 2000

Ruth Ward Heflin was a Christian minister among the nations for nearly 40 years. In 1997, she returned to the United States to help with the American revival. She was the director of Calvary Pentecostal Campground in Ashland, Virginia, as well as an international prayer ministry in Jerusalem, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1997. Ruth started the prayer ministry in Jerusalem with an emphasis on intercession through praise and worship.

Recognized for her prophetic anointing, revelation and the ability to teach and lead people into spontaneous worship, Ruth ministered to heads of state and leaders throughout the world. Born into a classic Pentecostal family, she was at home among Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims. She was known for her gospel songwriting, of which “I Ask for the Nations” and “The Wheel Within the Wheel” are sung worldwide. Her best-selling book, “Glory”, has been translated into twelve languages. “Glory”, “Revival Glory”, “River Glory”, “Harvest Glory”, “Golden Glory”, “Unifying Glory”, and “Revelation Glory” are being used worldwide as handbooks for revival.

Rev. Wallace Heflin, Jr

Aug 24, 1932 – Dec 17, 1996

Wallace H. Heflin, Jr. was born during the Great Depression, the second child of Pentecostal preachers who were living a life of faith, believing God to meet their needs. They had little of value to offer except their rich faith in God. Rev. Heflin learned by their teaching and their example that God could and would speak to His people, that He could and would perform miracles and that nothing was impossible for God. These were valuable lessons Rev. Heflin passed on to the multitudes of hungry hearts all over the world. He spoke deep prophetic words and then said, “Just do it.” He made believing for the impossible seem like an everyday occurrence. Great miracles of healing and deliverance were common in his meetings. Rev. Heflin found himself on his knees at the age of 29 and he dedicated the rest of his life to working for God and left his distinctive spiritual mark around the world.

Rev. Edith Heflin

Nov 4, 1910 – Oct 31, 2004

Edith Heflin was born in 1910 during the early days of revival in America. Her father was known as the 23rd Psalm Man, her mother a school principal and great Bible teacher. Her brother, Dr. William Ward, used to say that even the poor folks called them poor, yet his family was rich in faith. She learned that God could provide miraculously by watching Him provide for her family against impossible odds. She prayed in provision, food, finances, and medical miracles for her family and those in her church, learning valuable lessons which would enable her to lead the Campground and the Richmond Church sucessfully in the years to come.

Rev. Wallace Heflin, Sr

Jan 20, 1908 – Dec 6, 1972

Wallace Heflin, Sr. was a unique man of faith, willing to work physically with his hands in order to accomplish the spiritual assignments God gave him to do. His simple faith caused multitudes of people to find salvation, deliverance and healing. God gave him a vision, and along with his wife, Edith Heflin, and his young daughter, Ruth Heflin, he began to physically work to build the Campground. “If you build it, they will come,” was the message the Heflins received from the Lord. After the land was given to build the Camp, Rev. Heflin worked faithfully to clear the land and build the buildings necessary for the Camp to open. Others saw his dedication and determination and joined the Heflin family in creating the Calvary Campground. After many years, his son joined the ministry and the building program as well as attendance doubled in size. God promised Rev. Wallace Heflin Sr. that his natural seed and his spiritual seed would continue his work long after he had been called home. The ministry continues today, just as God promised.