– There is no charge to attend any of the services during our Campmeetings, Weekend Revival Services or Conventions**.

– We provide you with dormitory style lodging and meals free of charge (Breakfast & Lunch).

– Please bring your own linens and towels. It is a health requirement that linens be on all occupied beds, therefore, if you do not bring your own linens, you will be required to rent a set from us for a fee of $10 per set.

– A $2 key deposit is required and will be refunded when the key is turned in at check out. (Registration is required.)

– **We do, however, charge a fee of $75 to attend the Women’s Conventions ($125 if staying on the Campground). This fee includes all three days of services, shuttle service to and from your hotel, and three meals each day for the duration of the convention.

– We do request that all guests dress modestly and appropriately while on the Campground. We do have a dress policy and we do ask that all guests adhere to our dress policy so as not to offend many of our guests who come from other parts of the world. Please do not wear shorts, tank tops, sleeveless tops, low cut tops, or half shirts. (Men and Women). No drooping pants (Men), No skirts above the knee or tight fitting pants (Women). Thank you for adhering to our dress policy.

– We provide complimentary wireless internet around the Snack Bar area.

– SSID: CPT-Guest

– Password: none

– Internet Hours: 6am-7:30pm, 10:30pm-Midnight

– We reserve the right to cancel this service at our discretion.

– No. There are no accommodations available for pets.

– Yes. During Winter and Summer Campmeetings, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the van departs at 3pm.

– No. The shuttle service can be used to provide transportation to laundry services during posted times.